Couples Corner

Are you tired of arguing? Are you sick of the late night roller coasters and hanging on for the "good weeks?" Do you feel like your partner doesn't hear you, validate you or care for the emotional pain you are feeling? Do you wish that she would just be nice to you? 

In counseling, we will take a close look at how the two of you are communicating and immediately start learning new, productive, kind and respectful ways of communicating in your relationship.

Even the most committed couples can experience times where you feel stuck or uncertain about what to do next. Counseling can help!
Contact me today and let's get started helping you both feel happier in your relationship.

Dr. Kane specializes in working with couples looking to enhance their connection, affair recovery, step and blended family couples and also pre-marital counseling. She uses an integrated approach to counseling including Gottman Method, Emotionaly Focused Couples Therapy and the Prepare-Enrich system for pre-marital couples.

*Ask about Pre-marital counseling or Couples Intensives

TO SELF SCHEDULE ONLINE:  If you click on the ORANGE button, you will be directed to my online calendar where you can schedule your session online. Please note that your session is NOT CONFIRMED until you receive an email back from my office, confirming the date and time.

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